Gambia Livestock Marketing Agency


Introduction to GLMA – Livestock Markets

Livestock Markets in the Gambia; could be categorized into two (1) Secondary Markets and (2) Terminal Markets, there are Twenty – two secondary markets and four Terminal markets. GLMA in her role to Promote, Facilitate and Regulate the marketing of livestock in the Gambia has supported in the creation of the National Livestock Owners Association (NaLOA) as an umbrella body of livestock value chain actors and subsidiary body of Actors in the livestock marketing chain called the Association of Gambia Livestock Dealers (GaLDA). The objectives of this initiatives are to capacities the youths and those engaged in the trade to create wealth, employment and generate the growth of the production of the national stock.

The transformation of the livestock sub -sector in the Gambia the actors in the marketing and value addition chain has to be enhanced for all to duly exploit the potentials for income and employment creation. The Agency with the support of partners, Farmer Organisations and government have set set out to develop livestock marketing strategy which would seek to address endemic problems affecting the Livestock markets and marketing in the Gambia.

Poor organization, lack of prerequisite skills and capital of value chain actors:  Livestock production in the Gambia continues to be subsistence in nature and is characterized by a low input– low output system of production. Almost all stakeholders lack the basic skills required to profitably engage in livestock marketing and to maximize on production and profit.

a) Effect of climate change on livestock production and productivity

b) Low participation of Gambians in livestock marketing and lack of credit facilities

c) Poor livestock marketing infrastructure

The Agency’s strategy towards commercialization of the livestock sub-sector and for increased access to markets includes the prioritization of the sector with increased investment plans to boost production and productivity. Therefore to strengthen this strategic option, The Gambia Livestock Marketing Agency (GLMA) was created by an act of the National Assembly in 2008, as a technical and livestock marketing arm of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). The Agency began operations in January 2010, designed to address the challenges besetting the marketing of livestock, re–orientate production activities towards commercialization and marketing of livestock, provide support services, regulate and promote the livestock trade, and to facilitate the active participation of Gambians at all levels of the marketing chain. The core mandate of the agency is ‘to promote the commercialization and marketing of livestock in The Gambia and to facilitate the participation of Gambians in the marketing of livestock and livestock products’