Gambia Livestock Marketing Agency


The Step down Training Workshop of the Market Information System (Sim2g) at Banjul (Paradise Conference Hall) for the Data Collectors/Enumerators

From February 24th to 26th the market information system training of field data collectors for the Gambia Livestock Marketing Agency (GLMA) was also launch at the paradise conference hall, The Gambia.

For nine (09) days, three days each for a MIS training workshop brought together the Data collectors for the Agricultural, Livestock & Fisheries MIS representatives.. It will strengthen the capacity to collect, send and process and analyze the statistical data of the three MIS in real time.

For each training day, opening ceremonies was made by the speeches of the Permanent Secretary CONACILSS & Fisheries and the Directors and Deputy Directors of all three MISs, who after having thanked the participants, all recalled the importance of the mobile app data collection & information and the highly anticipated results after the training.

Sim2g livestock market data collection training is here for proper planning for the governmnet and relevant stakeholders.