Gambia Livestock Marketing Agency


Egg Production at Sambouya in the West Coast Region, Youth’s engagement in commercial Farming

Poultry production in  rural Gambia is evolving around the traditional and the improved methods,marred by high input cost for startups and was a predominantly a women activity, except for the emergence of  middle level investors and smallholder expanding their production volume. The traditional poultry production with its drawbacks of low input cost, less labor intensity   and high risk is restricted by slow growth rate, low feed conversion ratio with  mortality rate from endemic plagues of poultry diseases and accompanied by predators. The improved modern poultry production although yet to unleash its full potentials is plagued by chronic shortages of production input accompanied by high costs, inconsistency of restocking supplies, the absence of modern equipment and the unpredictable local market Despite all these obstacles the fledgling industry is striving on to establish and contribute to the national food basket and employment generation, with bitter competition from the imported products.Thus the resurgence of actors in this sector going big and tagged by the traditional small holder farmers.

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