Gambia Livestock Marketing Agency


Fat stock exhibition at the Abuko Livestock Show grounds in 2018 edition

The Gambia has witnessed significant gains in the livestock sector with significant innovations derived form projects and programs since 1970s, these efforts directly mainly to cattle and small ruminants but made little impacts to improve the welfare of the livestock producers. Traditional livestock production has been marred by transhumance which has evolved over the years until of recent when most herders settled permanently in the areas or regions best suited to the animals. The natural range lands of the Gambia which can be divided into two categories; the upland ranges and the low land ranges. The these natural range lands have been encroached by expansion of farm land or settlement, the consequences of which are over grazing due to high stocking density and the damage is compounded by the annual bush fires. FAT STOCK PRODUCTION: Fat stock production was introduce to inculcate intensive farming with the use of supplementary feed regimes(zero grazing). In 1992 the Livestock Show and Tobaski Ram Sales was introduce as an annual event to boost production of quality livestock for the muslim feast of tobaski and enhance income generation and serve as a shock absorb-er in events of crop failure. Sheep fattening have enhanced the capacities of mainly women small holder farmers and enabled them to to be effectively engaged and be responsible for their own welfare through increased income.

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